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Industry Regulations

In this page we find the principal Italian and European regulations concerning the sector of bioplastics, as well as sentences and resolutions relevant from a legal standpoint.

The regulations and their correct application play a key role in the development of the sector, because they define the technical parameters about the use of the products and influence their marketing.

The increasing attention paid, especially at community level, to environmental policies that privilege the reduction of climate-altering emissions and the mitigation of waste production, is leading to a continuous evolution of the regulations that the Association intends to monitor constantly.

Also in light of the confusion regarding the sector of plastic packaging in terms of biodegradation and composting the Association considers it essential to dedicate a section of the site to documents and acts concerning the products in traditional plastic with additives.

Order 1714 2011
Misleading and comparative bioplastics advertising
The Assobioplastics’s position on the Italian law about biodegradable bags
Variation of the Environmental Contribution to aluminium packaging, paper and plastics.