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Welcome to the official site of Assobioplastics, the Italian Bioplastic and Biodegradable and Compostable material Association.

Assobioplastic was born in 2011 with the following objectives:
• To promote the knowledge and the correct and sustainable use of products made with bioplastic.
• To encourage the diffusion of information about this sector.
• To promote research and industry studies.
• To divulgate the knowledge of standards relating to bioplastics.

Assobioplastics consists of businesses operating, in Italy and abroad, in the production of biodegradable polymers and finished products, of Institutions, NGO, Universities and Business Associations as well as the structures that guarantee the correct management of lifecycle of bioplastcs.

Quality compost and anaerobic digestion are today the natural end of life of products made with bioplastic, because these ensure, in this way, a correct closed lifecycle of biodegradable products.

All those who share the Association values can apply for admission.

Assobioplastic is legally established and operational in Rome.